When to Have Rhinoplasty

When to Have Rhinoplasty Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Are you unsatisfied with the appearance of your nose? Undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure can help. A rhinoplasty, or a nose job as it’s more commonly referred, helps to reshape the nose through surgery to help change the appearance of the nose. If you’re not satisfied with the way your nose looks, knowing when to have rhinoplasty can help you decide if the surgery is right for you. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin has performed many rhinoplasties over the years. If you choose to have a rhinoplasty, you’re in good hands with Dr. Martin and the staff at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery.

Your Age Matters

Your age matters when it comes to having a rhinoplasty. Many people don’t recommend nose surgeries until the nose is fully formed. For women, that happens when they’re about 15 or 16. For men, that happens around 16 or 17. Each person is different, so if you feel like you need a nose surgery and are around those ages, you’ll want to talk to your doctor and make sure the nose is done growing and that it’s safe to have the surgery completed.

Your Nose Isn’t Straight

Is your nose crooked? Many people turn to rhinoplasties when their nose isn’t straight, which happens for a variety of reasons, including genetics. If this is the reason for your nose surgery, we’ll help straighten the nose by adding additional cartilage. We’ll discuss where we’ll take the cartilage from during your consultation. The main areas being your ear or from somewhere else in your nose, which typically comes from farther into your nose so it’s not affected by the surgery.

Your Nose Has a Bump

One of the other main reasons people choose rhinoplasty is because their nose has a bump or a hump in it. Many people think that the bump throws off the overall aesthetics of their face. When it comes to surgery, a rhinoplasty can correct the issue. We’ll shave off the extra bone until it’s at an acceptable level for your liking. We’ll determine the amount during your consultation when we put together your initial composite.

You Injured Your Nose

Have you recently injured your nose? Whether you broke it playing sports or through some other type of accident, a rhinoplasty can help correct many types of injuries. Whether the result of the injury is a hump in the bridge of your nose, your nose became too large for your liking, or it’s no longer straight, we can help you restore your facial aesthetics.

Having any type of plastic surgery, especially a rhinoplasty, is a big deal. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we take the time to get to know you, the reasons why you’re getting nose plastic surgery, and what you want your nose to look like after surgery. We’ll compile a composite of what you could look like after surgery and use that photo as the starting point for your surgery. Considering nose surgery but aren’t sure when to have rhinoplasty? Turn to the surgeon other surgeons go to. Schedule your free consultation today.