Traveling and Plastic Surgery

Traveling and Plastic Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Now that the cold weather has settled over Cincinnati, many people may leave the city for warmer temperatures. In recent years, we’ve noticed an increasing number of people who go on vacation and have a plastic surgery procedure. While it’s nice to take a temporary vacation in warmer weather, we don’t recommend having any type of plastic surgery procedure while you’re on vacation. Below, we’ll go over why it’s best to stay local when it comes to your plastic surgery procedure.

Safety Risks

Generally, at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we don’t recommend traveling to have a plastic surgery procedure. One of the main reasons people may travel for plastic surgery is because the cost of surgery may be drastically less expensive in one place compared to where you live. We don’t recommend traveling and having a plastic surgery procedure for this reason. Sometimes, there’s a specific reason the procedure costs less. Don’t risk your personal safety by saving some money on a surgical procedure.

Additionally, following a plastic surgery procedure, you’ll have multiple follow up appointments to make sure everything is okay and you’re healing properly. Typically, only your surgeon can do the follow up since they are the one who did the surgery. If something bad happens after your surgery once you’re back home, you won’t have the surgeon close by to help with any complications you experience.

Support System

After having a plastic surgery procedure, you need a support system in place to help out after surgery. Depending on the type of procedure you have, you shouldn’t lift anything heavy for a few weeks after the surgery. You’ll need someone around to help with most things. If you travel far away from friends and family to have a plastic surgery procedure, you won’t have that support system around to help with things. Remember, you also won’t be able to drive immediately following your procedure, so even if you stay close to home, you’ll need someone with you who can drive you home and help pick up any medication you’ll need after surgery.

Is There A Time It’s Okay?

While we don’t recommend traveling for a plastic surgery procedure, there are times it may be okay. For instance, if you have family and friends located in the city where you’ll have the surgery and they are willing to have you as a visitor for an extended time, you can travel for a plastic surgery procedure. Do your research before you go. Find a plastic surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery.

Traveling has its time and place but traveling and plastic surgery should never go hand-in-hand. Instead, stay close to home and choose the surgeon other surgeons to go with Dr. Martin at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery. His years of experience have helped many patients achieve the looks they desire. With both surgical and non-surgical procedures and some of the more popular dermal fillers. Schedule your consultation with Cincinnati Plastic Surgery now.