Thigh Lift Cincinnati

For whatever reason, the thighs are one of the areas of the body that seem to have the most fat. All people are different, but the most common reasons for fat on the thighs includes aging and weight gain. If you want to change the appearance of your thighs, we suggest a thigh lift. In most cases, we combine a thigh lift with different procedures, though the more common ones includes the Mommy Makeover, a body lift, or an arm lift. If you’re recently lost a lot of weight, a thigh lift will help take away any excess fat you may have. In fact, a main component of a body lift includes the thigh lift.

The Procedure

This procedure must be done in a surgical hospital because you’ll have anesthesia. Patient safety is paramount to Dr. Martin. Performing all surgeries that require anesthesia in a hospital setting is the best way he can care for his patients.

To start, Dr. Martin makes a longitudinal cut down the thigh. Once he makes the cut, he removes the majority of the excess skin. Next, after removing the extra skin, he then tightens the remaining skin.The combined removal of excess skin and tightening of the remaining skin results in a more sculpted appearance once you’ve completed healed from the surgery. Remember, healing takes time, so don’t be discouraged based on the appearance immediately following surgery. Once we tighten the skin, we sew it back together to give you an overall healthier appearance.

Many people worry about a large scar on their thigh following surgery. Once you’ve completely healed from surgery, we offer many different options to hide the appearance of the scar.

We offer affordable, sometimes free or discounted, RF scar revision to reduce the appearance of scars. Additionally, we offer a free anti-scarring gel that’s extremely effective in reducing the appearance of scars. Whichever method you choose, we know you’ll be pleased with the result.

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Longitudinal Inner Thigh Lift Pricing Estimate – $8,000

Buttocks & Thigh Lift Pricing Estimate – $12,000

These prices are NOT offers and merely estimates.