Non-surgical facelift and complete facial rejuvenation

If you want to take 5-10 years off your appearance but don’t want to go under the knife, we have the solution. Dr. Martin has worked over the past several years to perfect the non-surgical facelift. We go above and beyond just a face and neck lift and incorporate several additional techniques to make this procedure a total facial rejuvenation.

While researching non-surgical facelifts, you may come across a host of trademarked or patented lifts offered by doctors across the country. While many of these physicians do get excellent results, they charge an excessive amount under the guise that that their patented technique or trademarked name is going to get the patient a result they can’t find elsewhere. The treatments that make up a non-surgical facelift have existed for years. There is no secret sauce no matter how much marketing is put behind it.

Dr. Martin’s Process

Here at Dr. Martin’s office, you won’t see a catchy trademarked name or patented technique. Instead you’ll have time-tested and proven methods, complete transparency with the products and techniques used, and an incredible price to go with it. Skip the IP, expensive marketing, and the woo woo factor and pass the savings on to the patient. The results will speak for themselves. By focusing on the patient and not marketing we use a “whatever it takes” model. Essentially, Dr. Martin treats the patient from start to finish, no matter how many syringes or treatments it takes to get there.

The non-surgical facelift has several steps. Additionally, it focuses on lifting and tightening the skin, increasing facial volume, and improving the quality and texture of the skin. All three techniques when combined result in the patient looking 5-10 years younger with no down time or surgery required.  The procedure takes a total of 1-3 months and 4-7 visits depending on the exact protocol used.

Here’s what it looks like:

RF Microneedling to Lift and Tighten Loose Skin + Kybella to Remove Fat Under Chin

– First, RF microneedling takes place over 3 sessions. This tightens the skin of the face and neck. RF microneedling promotes the growth of new collagen. And, it has a therapeutic effect, making the skin stronger, more resilient, and younger in appearance. Once the skin is tightened, we move to the next step.

– Next, we inject Kybella to dissolve extra fat under the chin. We perform Kybella over several sessions if necessary.

Laser Resurfacing

– Then, Dr. Martin uses our M22 laser platform to completely resurface the skin and eliminate vascular lesions, sun spots, and other accumulated age-related damage. This drastically improves the health and integrity of skin. Also, your skin gets a more youthful appearance. Resurfacing works by destroying concentrated areas of pigment and promoting the turnover of new skin cells. This process removes the tough outer layer of dehydrated and low-quality skin. Your skin automatically replaces it with new cells. We require 1-2 sessions.

Restore Facial Volume with Injectable Dermal Fillers

– Finally, we reach the heavy lifting portion of the treatment where patients see the most dramatic and immediate results. Dr. Martin uses a combination of fillers to increase facial volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and lift sagging tissue. Generally, we use as many of the fillers listed below to achieve results.

  1. Bellafill: Bellafill works the hardest. We inject it in the cheeks, jaw, nasolabial folds, chin, and other major areas. This collagen booster continues to work for up to 5 years following treatment. You can learn more about Bellafill here.
  2. Belotero Balance: We inject this filler under the eyes to create a more youthful and energetic appearance while eliminating under eye bags.
  3. Revanesse Versa: Versa helps with your lips. We like to get lips to a full yet completely natural look through Versa.
  4. Jeuveau or Botox: We inject Jeuveau or Botox in the forehead and crows feet to eliminate wrinkles.
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