Children are a blessing, but having them can often lead to unwanted effects such as stretched or damaged abdominal muscles, loose skin, or sagging breasts. If you are looking to get back to your pre-baby body, a Mommy Makeover is the time tested and proven answer. Dr. Martin has used the Mommy Makeover for over 20 years to mothers feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin!

Because every patient is different, Dr. Martin will work with you to create a custom-tailored Mommy Makeover that best suits your needs and budget. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Martin or would like more info on the procedure, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (513) 469-0300.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

This surgical package consists of several different procedures that help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy shape. While a Mommy Makeover will be tailored to your needs, a typical procedure includes

Depending on your needs, a Mommy Makeover may also include

When should I have a Mommy Makeover?

It is important to wait until you are done having children and done breastfeeding. This gives the body time to heal and stabilize and eliminates any risks that could be presented to a child through breastfeeding.

What is recovery like?

Recovery generally takes 6-8 weeks with no lifting (including your children) and only light activity for the first two weeks. You will need bedside care for the first few days following the procedure so make sure a family member or friend is available to help as you begin your recovery period.


How much does it cost?

The pricing will depend on the patient and the procedures performed but pricing is generally starts around $12,000. This includes the cost of hospital and anesthesia expenses.

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