miraDry® Stop Sweating, Start Living

Do you suffer from excessive armpit sweat? MiraDry® treatment is the solution. It utilizes microwave technology to permanently deactivate sweat glands. With a single one hour treatment, we permanently eliminate excessive sweat. Overall, the average patient experiences an 82% reduction in sweat after one treatment. Also, it drastically reduces odor and armpit hair.

Additionally, the non-invasive MiraDry® treatment has minimal recovery time and is 100% permanent. In one hour, you stay sweat free, forever. 

Many of our staff members have had miraDry®. They can answer any questions you have about the procedure. For more information, please give us a call at 513 469-0300.

Curerent Special Pricing  $1,950  $1,700

A small subset of patients require two treatments. If you are not happy with your results after the first treatment, a second treatment is offered at a substantial discount.

Additional Treatment Pricing – $750