Dr. Kurtis Martin employs highly capable and professional staff to reflect the high quality of care in his Cincinnati Plastic Surgery practice. The front desk administrators answer the phones to help patients. Overall, they are an important component throughout the patient process.

Additionally, a fully trained surgical assistant helps Dr. Martin with patients during all procedures performed in the office. The practice director offers patient education and coordinates patient care with Dr. Martin’s recommendations for treatment.

Kimber LPN, Nurse Injector

We can’t talk Kimber up enough. From her positive energy to her absolutely unmatched skillset with Injections, Kimber is the heartbeat of the office.  Nurse Kimber has over 7 years of experience and has trained under some of the most renowned injectors in the U.S. and Europe with Dr. Raj Aquilla calling her a “true talent.” When she’s not at the office, Kimber serves as a National Injection Trainer for Suneva Medical, teaching Doctors around the country the best injection protocols and techniques. We don’t think it’s a stretch to call her one of the top injectors in the nation, but we’ll let you be the judge: check out her incredible before and afters HERE (insert link).


Nickname: Slimber

Hidden Talent: Looks like the love child of Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie.

Best Moment: Being banned from the copier machine, twice.

Toxic Trait: Has to get a new outfit for every event. No Kimber, Tuesday is not an event.

Stefani, RN BSN, Nurse Injector

As a former pediatric intensive care unit nurse, Stefani brings the highest level of patient care and responsiveness. You can catch Stefani assisting Dr. Martin in surgery, performing Coolsculpting® treatments, and saving patients from frown lines and wrinkles with her top-notch injecting skills. Outside of work, Stefani is an avid fisher, hiker, and certified Netflix enthusiast.


Nickname: Stefan

Hidden Talent: Able to fit in small spaces with ease

Best Moment: Setting a paper plate on fire during her first day in the office.

Toxic Trait: Whenever she sings, forest animals try to get into the office.

Fay Skin, Care Specialist

A cornerstone of the office for over 20 years, Fay has extensive knowledge of our medical-grade skin care lines, and skillfully performs Hydrafacial® treatments. Fay is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Together they share two children, and two beautiful grandchildren. Outside of work, Fay is a Life Coach and Licensed Christian Counselor.

Nickname: Mama Fay

Hidden Talent: Hasn’t aged a day in 20 years.

Best Moment: The springroll incident of 2019

Toxic Trait: None, Fay is seriously the sweetest, most wonderful soul.


Hunter, Office Administrator

Hunter mainly just gets us food and does paperwork. We are thinking about replacing him with Uber Eats and an unpaid summer intern.

We’re kidding, as a trained healthcare attorney, Hunter keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. When he’s not at the office you can find him practicing entertainment and healthcare law.

Nickname: Hunter Esquire

Hidden Talent: Was a professional knifemaker for 5 years

Best Moment: Re-enacting the scene from “Dirty Dancing” where Johnny lifts Baby. 

Toxic Trait: Are well tailored suits toxic?


Natalie, Licensed Esthetician

Natalie is an Esthetician with a true passion for skincare and beauty. Having spent years in Dermatology before coming to our practice, Natalie brings an extensive skillset and has helped hundreds of patients achieve healthier, more beautiful skin.   You can count on her for all of your skincare needs including dermaplaning, Hydrafacial®, and Radio Frequency microneedling.


Nickname: Barb

Hidden Talent: Can play the **** out of the tambourine, just ask Jerrod Niemann

Best Moment: Going straight to the “Country Christmas” station on Spotify when asked to put on Christmas music.

Toxic Trait: Humor so on point you won’t be able to keep a straight face when you need to.