One of the most popular aesthetic treatments, laser resurfacing is a fast, easy, and highly effective method of improving the texture and quality of skin. You can look years younger in just 1-3 short treatment sessions with minimal to no downtime.

How Does Laser Resurfacing + IPL Work?

Laser resurfacing works by heating the skin which induces a healing response. This healing response generates new collagen, elastin, and skin cells. The result is a rapid turnover in facial tissue where young, healthy cells replace old and worn out cells. Laser resurfacing is time tested, proven, and yields incredible results without surgery or extensive down time.

What are Treatments Like?

Treatments only take a few minutes. The doctor will use the laser head and zap the skin with a flash of light. This process will be repeated until the entire face has been treated. Recovery is easy. Your skin may be sensitive, red, or sore for a day or two but most people can return to their normal routine the next day. You’ve probably had worse discomfort from sun burns.

Before & After Patient Photos


Pricing Estimate – $700

$700 per treatment.  Patients tend to need 1-3 treatments depending on skin quality. Contact Cincinnati Plastic Surgery for more information.