Fat Grafting Cincinnati

With the development of liposuction techniques in the early 1980’s came the possibility of transplanting live fat cells for use in augmentation procedures. Now recognized as one of the most versatile techniques in plastic surgery, fat grafting has many aesthetic and reconstructive purposes.

For your face, fat grafting fills in wrinkles and lines. Additionally, we augment the lips and use fat to fill out deflated areas in different places.

As for the body. the procedure helps augment the buttocks, fill in depressed areas (secondary to a steroid shot), or to correct post liposuction deformities. Additionally, it works for in your hands. It allows for rejuvenation by filling wrinkles and diminishing the appearance of protruding veins. 

To start, we take donor fat from another part of the body using a modified liposuction technique. Then, we purify the fat. Through this process, we remove saline, blood, and oil. From there, we put the fat in small injection syringes. Next, we inject a local anesthetic into the areas receiving the fat. Finally, we inject the fat back into your body. The fat consists of living cells and these cells stay alive in their new location. 

Overall, the procedure results in permanent correction or augmentation. However, you may need to repeat the procedure. Generally, fat undergoes a 50% resorption rate over 3-6 months. Therefore, a surgeon should plan accordingly.

Fat grafting requires an artistic eye and knowledge of advanced techniques to achieve superb results. With 12 years of experience in fat transfer in the Cincinnati area, Dr. Kurtis W. Martin has the experience and skill needed to produce the results you desire. Contact the office to schedule your consultation.

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