Looking to eliminate stubborn fat? Turn to CoolSculpting, a breakthrough procedure that utilizes cryo-technology.

Even with proper nutrition and exercise, certain areas such as the stomach and love handles retain unwanted fat. For these areas, CoolSculpting works as a cost-effective method to remove excess adipose tissue and leave the treated area sculpted and trim in a non-invasive method, unlike liposuction.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting works through the use of a freezing applicator. Your nurse suctions the applicator to the skin. The patented cryo-technology freezes away the underlying fat cells. After around 30 minutes at the freezing temperature, the fat cells die. Then, the body removes the dead cells by the bloodstream over the next 4-6 weeks.

What is the CoolSculpting treatment like?

This is one of our quickest and easiest procedures. The nurse connects the applicator to the treatment area and the machine works for around 30 minutes per area. Because Dr. Martin has two machines, you can have two areas sculpted at once, cutting treatment times in half. The treatment may cause slight pain or discomfort and light bruising afterwards is common.

How long is recovery?

CoolSculpting has ZERO recovery time. You receive treatment and return to your regular schedule and activities immediately. You see final results at 8 weeks.

Am I a candidate?

CoolSculpting is extremely effective at removing stubborn fat.  However, the fat can return if the patient gains weight. It works best for patients that have their diet and exercise dialed in but are still dealing with stubborn, hard to lose areas of fat.

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