Best Summertime Procedures

Best Summertime Procedures Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Are you looking for procedures with a quick turnaround time so you can look your best this summer? Many of our surgical procedures feature a long recovery period, so they may not work if you’re trying to get results in just a single visits or a couple of visits. Because of that, we’ve compiled a list of the best summertime procedures to help you look and feel your best during the summer months.

Lash and Brow Tint

Do you wish you could have darker lashes and darker eyebrows without having to color your brows and wear mascara on your lashes? With lash and brow tinting from Cincinnati Plastic Surgery that can be a reality. We start by applying a semi-permanent dye to your brows and lashes. We select a shade a few shades darker than they currently are so the results still look natural. There’s no down time associated with tinting and you leave the center seeing results.

Dermaplaning and HydraFacial

Speaking of seeing results as soon as you leave the center, dermaplaning and HydraFacial, a two-in-one package, lets you walk out seeing results. When we combine these non-surgical procedures, we’ll start with dermaplaning, which uses a surgical scalpel to scrape dead skin cells off your skin. We’ll follow it up with a HydraFacial, which replenishes your skin in a three step process without clogging your pores.

Dermal Fillers

Are you trying to look younger? We offer a variety of dermal fillers. Each of our dermal fillers aim to accomplish something different. Kimber, our superb nurse injector, will listen to your reasons for wanting fillers and will recommend the best combination of fillers to achieve it. Our dermal fillers plump the skin by boosting collagen production, help get rid of wrinkles on a temporary basis, and add volume to your lips.


Are you tired of underarm sweat? miraDry uses a handheld device to permanently deactivate the sweat glands in your underarms. For many of our patients, this only takes one application. If you need additional treatments, we offer them at a significant discount.


Are you unhappy with the appearance of your skin? Laser resurfacing and IPL can help. Laser resurfacing helps restore the appearance of your skin and makes it look younger. This non-surgical procedure takes a few sessions to see the maximum results, so if you need to see results by a certain time, take that into account when scheduling appointments.

With some of the procedures listed above, we can complete your consultation and the first treatment on the same day. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we know how important it is to look and feel your best at all times. But when you’re seeing a lot of people, you want to look better than you normally do. That’s what our non-surgical procedures and dermal fillers aim to accomplish as the best summertime procedures. Whether you’re looking for flawless skin with dermaplaning and HydraFacial, perfect brows and lashes without the need to wear makeup, or a wrinkle-free appearance, we’ve got something to help. Ready to learn more? Schedule your free consultation today.